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Designed with you in mind, the Makeup Case is spacious, aesthetic, and equipped with a powerful LED light-up mirror to ensure you can apply your makeup on the go as if you never left home.

Travel friendly design

Whether you're taking a quick day trip or traveling across the globe, this makeup case will take care of any needs imaginable. This compact lightweight case is ideal for tucking into a suitcase or purse so you can always fix your look wherever you are.

Integrated LED mirror

The integrated led light casts a natural, true shade of light on your face during makeup applications. The light is super easy to use. Press one time to light the mirror up, hold to decrease brightness. It will always give you the perfect lighting to get ready, even on the go.

One week lasting battery

With a 3.5 hours charge, you can take advantage of the LED light for up to 7 days. 


  • Our premium patented lighting.
  • Completely distortion free mirror.
  • Spacious and easily wipeable storage.
  • An internal rabbet allows you to place and angle the mirror to any position that best suits you.
  • A single charge via USB-C lasts at least a week (charging cables is included).
  • 5x magnification mirror which can be attached to the main mirror (buy here).


Size: 241 x 104 x 117 (mm)

Weigh: 600g

Charging time: 3.5 hours

Working time with one charge: 7 days

What's in the Box

1x Makeup Case

1x Charging Cable

1x Instructions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the LUXBOX Makeup Case? There is no better way to do your makeup, the lighting accurately represents daylight along with other lighting environments so you can see how you really look to others before you leave the front door. We invest so much into purchasing good quality makeup but without the right lighting to apply it we won’t achieve the flawless finish we want. You need this just as much as you need your makeup.

Is this for travel? Why would you save the best lighting for makeup in the industry only for when you travel? This luxury vanity case is ideal for everyday use at home, and when you do want to travel it is conveniently ready to go with your makeup essentials inside.

Can I fly with the LUXBOX Makeup Case? The LUXBOX Makeup Case is safe to travel with. The battery is fully enclosed inside the device so it should not be an issue.

Is the mirror magnified? The mirror is not magnified, but we created a complementary 5x Magnifying Mirror that can be attached to the Makeup Case mirror.

I got a discount code, where can i apply it? You can apply the discount code at checkout.

Will I receive a tracking number for my order? Yes, all orders come with tracking number.

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