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Say hello to the Luxbox MakeUp Case

We are proud to introduce the first makeup box of this kind. We created something that is finally going to make your makeup on-the-go enjoyable.

We’ve combined our powerful lighting technology which perfectly simulates natural light with a high capacity storage vanity case and a distortion-free glass mirror, giving you the freedom to sit back and do your makeup easily at home or away.

Your portable makeup station

The MakeUp Case is spacious, aesthetic, and equipped with a powerful LED light-up mirror to ensure you can apply your makeup on the go as if you never left home. The integrated led light casts a natural, true shade of light on your face during makeup applications. The light is super easy to use. Press one time to light the mirror up, hold to decrease brightness.

Luxbox Luminous System™

Expertly engineered and unique to Luxbox is our powerful and advanced lighting technology, perfectly replicating natural light whilst eliminating shadows by evenly dispersing light over the entirety of your face.

Choose from 2 optimized brightness settings by simply holding the touch button, located on the surface of the mirror.

The perfect travel companion

The MakeUp Case is perfect for all travel lovers. Thanks to the ergonomic design and a very resistant shell, our signature case is perfect to be tucked in your luggage.

In addition, the internal part is designed with a locker, so that the lid never opens by accident.

    Not just a mirror

    • Dimming led light - Our lighting is specially designed for makeup, and it's dimmable. You can now get ready in less time, with less effort, everywhere at anytime.
    • 50mm thich mirror - The mirror is totally distortion free, in order to give you a clear and true reflection
    • Led touch button - Turn on the lighting by pressing the button, hold it to adjust brightness.
    • Now with raised  - Up to 10 days battery life with one recharge.

    Unreal protection with the new Silicone Cover

    The Silicone Cover is a delightful way to protect the mirror of your MakeUp Case from scratches. The silky, soft-touch finish of the silicone exterior feels great in your hand, and the inside material perfectly protects your mirror. It comes in 2 luxurious colors.
    Shop here.

    Tweeze like a master with the Magnifying Mirror

    The 5X Magnifying Mirror it's ideal for using when you're applying makeup, performing skincare routines, putting on contacts or plucking your eye-brows! It attaches to the mirror of your MakeUp Case using a resistant suction cup.
    Shop here.

    What's included

    1 MakeUp Case
    1 Charging Cable


    Why should I buy the MakeUp Case?
    That is easy: it will simplify your life, especially if you are a person who loves to always be on the move, and always in the need to have a good looking.

    How much makeup can I store in the MakeUp Case?
    The MakeUp Case has been designed to hold the contents of a large makeup bag and feedback from satisfied customers have said it holds more!

    How much does the MakeUp Case weigh?
    The MakeUp Case weighs only 600g without contents.

    Can I fly with the MakeUp Case?
    The MakeUp Case is safe to travel with. The battery is fully enclosed inside the device so it should not be an issue.

    Does the makeup stay in place when I turn the case upside down?
    The MakeUp Case has been designed to protect your makeup. To secure your MakeUp Case, place the mirror stand into the case internal rabbet as shown on the manual. In this way the lid will be safely locked 😉.

    Is the mirror magnified?
    The mirror is not magnified, in order to get a clear and true reflection. However, you have the option to add a magnifying mirror (shop here) to your order. It sticks to the MakeUp Case mirror using a strong suction cup, to create a stunning combo!

    I got a discount code, where can I apply it?
    You can apply the discount code at checkout.

    Do I have to pay any duty taxes when I receive the order?
    No, you will not have to pay extra fees.


    Size: 241 x 104 x 117 (mm)
    Weight: 600g (1.3lbs)
    Charging time: 3 hours
    Working time with one charge: 10 days

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